Some good addresses where you can eat in the neiborough of the Castle, choosing on your  taste and money (comments are absolutely personal !)


Bagnolo and Barge: (from 2 to 6 km.)

1- IL PROVENZALE: the closest, good and simple traditional Piemont  kitchen ( special “antipasto” large free serve table) friendly and cozy . Open from wen. to sun.

Tel. 0039-0175-391510 in Villar Bagnolo, via Cave 305

3. LA BERGERA:  in a restored ancient farm, beautiful site and view, 15 minutes from Castello, up on the mountains of Villaretto village, traditional Piemont  kitchen ( ask for  “fritto misto”) price

Tel. 0039- 175- 391355 via Bergera 93 Villaretto-Bagnolo  Piemonte. Monday closed

4. D’ANDREA:  on the road to Barge, 5 minutes from castle, ambiance classic and elegant, creative kitchen, local selected products, can be an experience, price from 25 € . Closed wen.

Marco Roberto chef and Mara Maitre Sommeiller Via Bagnolo,37 Barge, Tel. 0039-175-345735 HYPERLINK “” Closing wednesday

5. El SACUCIN:  in the center of Barge in the courtyard of an ancient house, 8 min. from castle, elegant and rustic at the same, traditional Piemont food,

Tel.0039- 0175-343625. Closing Monday and Tuesday morning.

6. SAN GIOVANNI: on St.Giovanni church place, ancient palace, 8 min. from Castello, a very unusual post-modern style ambiance. Nouvelle cuisine with fantasy,

Piazza San Giovanni 10 Barge Tel.0039-0175-346109 Closed Monday and Tuesday.

8. TRATTORIA DEL GIARDINO: very simple ambiance on the road from Barge to Saluzzo, 10 minutes from Castle, family kitchen,

Via Crocetta,1 Barge tel. 0039-0175-346384 Closing on monday


2. PIZZERIA “Il PORTICO DELL’ARTISTA”, Via Puccini – 12031 Bagnolo Piemonte (CN, 0175 391270

pizzas and  meat roasted wood oven, simple und tasty, light prices.

2. PIZZERIA “MEDITERRANEO” , Bagnolo center

tel. 0175-345735  333-3216665 has an agreement with Agriturismo  

Closing Day: closing wednesday


Road Bagnolo to Barge at your right side, Via Bagnolo, 31

ph 0039-0175 346130 Closing

NEARBY: (6 to 15 km)

CAVOUR: ( 6 to 8 km.)

8. LOCANDA LA POSTA: in an ancient (1660) house in the centre of Cavour, 8 km. from Castle, the most traditional Piemontais kitchen in a cozy and friendly ambiance, one of the best restaurants of its kind: ask for “fritto misto” or “bollito” (boiled mixed meat), and la “finanziera”, very special, price from 25 €

Via de Rossi,4 Cavour Tel. 0121-69989 – Closed an friday.

9. LA NICCHIA, centre of Cavour in main street, mostly modern and original kitchen, interesting experience sometimes! Good cellar. Closing

Via Roma,9 Cavour 0039- 0121-600821

10. LA PICOCARDA ( 10 KM.) from Cavour direction Saluzzo, 500mt. right at second roundabout in Barge direction, beautiful ancient farmhouse, pink colour, in the plain fields, high quality kitchen in traditional, french and modern. Cosy elegant ambiance. High prices, wine choice.,

12032 Barge (CN) – Via Cardè, 71  tel. 0039-0175.30300 Closing monday and tuesday 

11. CASCINA SMIRAGLIA beatiful place and beatiful view  from la Rocca, the rocky mountain wich overlays the town, an ancient farmhouse  traditional kitchen with fantasy, meat speciality.

Via Barrata,22 Cavour

12. PIZZERIA CARTOCCIO  Via Pinerolo, 10, Cavour, Italia

13.  IL SIGILLO beatiful place in the STAFFARDA Abbey village, smart and excellent. Open friday,saturday evenings, lunch weekly. Closing monday

14. QUATTRO STAGIONI restaurant and pizzeria, foods for celiac: Via Alessandro Volta, 21, 12037 Saluzzo CN 0175 47470 no closing .


15. LA STELA ‘D CATLINA: it an ancient mountain farm restaured out of the gate left up to the mountain for 10 Km. following the PRADmill panels, it is close to a Monastery in a beautiful and peaceful place: via Balma Oro 6, località Pra d’Mill, 0039- 175-392140. Open saturday and sunday  reservation.

16. IL FRUTTO PERMESSO: near Bibiana 9 km. from  the castle, farm ( cows, horses, sheepsetc.) biologyc products ( fresh cheese, wine, wild fruits): On reservation friday to sunday. Close summer

via del Vernè, 16 Bibiana tel. 0039-121-55383/

17. CASCINA MONTELLO: 1800 farmhouse not far from Cavour in the country, classic Piemontais ccountry kitchen, self made products.

Via Pinerolo, 173 Cavour tel. 0039- 121-6219 Reservation required open sat.and sun.

NOTE  You can find more restaurants in direction  Pinerolo-Turin or Saluzzo –Cuneo, the good kitchen is a must of  Piemonte region!!